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Okanagan Lake is known for legend Ogopogo/N’ha-a-itk, 

In honour of N’ha-a-itk, I named my business

Spirit of the Lake Native Boutique.

Spirit of the Lake Native Boutique has a wide range of Native Art, Native Jewellery and Native Gifts inspired and made by local First Nation Artists. We also carry a selection of authentic gifts and the latest Native fashion trendz.​


When you visit, we will share knowledge about 

Ogopogo/Na'h-a-ika, Kelowna/?-lawna?, Black Bear /Skimhiest and

share stories of my family's history in West Kelowna/ Tsinstikeptum 10.

I am the Proud owner of Spirit of the Lake Native Boutique,

and I invite you to visit.







My name is Tasha Mae Swite, I am a wife, mother and 4th Generation Entrepreneur. I am a proud Syilx-Okanagan and Assiniboine-Sioux. My name Mae comes from a long line of Strong Assiniboine Women and communities of Leadership and Strength. Swite comes of generations

of Self Sufficient and Hard-working Men. I value these traits that have been passed down from generations. I am very blessed for my family and friends, that have encouraged me to follow my heart.

Spirit of the Lake Native Boutique is located in the Heart of the Okanagan.


"On December 1, 2019

I am the First Woman and 4th Generation Entrepreneur in my family"

Limlimt-Thank You

Tasha Mae Swite

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